Nautilus Treadclimber Review - What to Know About the New Treadclimber Models

Thinking about a Nautilus Treadclimber? This cool-looking machine (also called the Bowflex Treadclimber) first appeared in the infomercial world several years ago. Nautilus owns the Bowflex name and soon changed the name from the Nautilus Tread climber to the Bowflex Tread climber.

The machine caught people's attention for two reasons. It looked so cool and it burned calories at twice the rate of a normal treadmill. So people wanting to lose weight very fast bought these machines in droves.

There were mainly 4 models on the market - the TC1000, TC3000, TC5000 and the TC6000. Nautilus didn't really add any updates to these machines for years. However this year, they've come out with 3 completely new, sleek, streamlined models and discontinued the older, clunkier-looking machines.

The new models are the TC5, TC10 and the TC20. Here's a brief review of each:

The Bowflex TC5 Treadclimber is the most affordable model, coming in around $999. This is the lowest price ever on a Treadclimber machine so it's bound to be extremely popular. It is non-motorized and has a fairly bare-bones console. However all the main benefits are there like high-calorie burning, low-impact exercise and a compact design (more compact than a treadmill.)

The Bowflex TC10 is the most affordable motorized-version of this machine and comes with a better console, rear step-up platform, goal-coaching feature and a longer warranty.

The Bowflex TC20 is the luxury model with extra-long treadbelts, built-in workout programs, integrated heart rate monitor, 2-user tracking and a backlit console.

Which machine for you really depends on your budget and personal situation needs. For example the TC20 may be best for multiple-user families since it has the tracking features for multiple users. The TC5 might be the best option for someone on a budget since it comes in under $1000.

Another benefit to the new Nautilus Treadclimbers is that even if you don't want to necessarily "lose weight", they can still help you tone up your body and lose inches where you really don't need them (i.e. love handles or jiggly thighs) and put curves where they should be.

Plus, if space in your workout area is limited these machines are more compact than a standard treadmill. And they come with wheels on the bottom making it easy to move them out of the way when you're done.

Are there any drawbacks?

Well, you should know that you can't necessarily run on these machines. The top speed is 4.5 MPH and the treadbelts (except on the TC20) are on the shorter side. These machines were really made for incline walking more than anything else.

Also, you should know that if you buy a used Treadclimber, the warranty does not cover a second owner. So if you get it home and it breaks the next day, you could be out hundreds of dollars to fix it. It's best to buy new and get the protection of warranty coverage.

Bottom Line:

The Nautilus Treadclimber is one of the fastest-calorie-burning machines on the market. There are several models to suit different budgets and the low-impact exercise can also make it easier for people with knee and hip problems.

While these machines are not necessarily for running, the new models are sleek and built to give you super-fast results.


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